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Parents Disappointed With Controversial Bill Passed In California

I am rather torn when it comes to problems regarding the law, people’s beliefs, and the safety of children. I understand 100% that people should be entitled to believing what they wish, but at the same time, I feel that the law should step in if there is a chance that these beliefs interfere with a child’s safety.

Through the senate in California, A bill was passed which states that children who attend school must be vaccinated in order to be able to attend the institution. At first, I was all for the idea, because a child’s health is the number one priority in this world, and vaccinations are given for serious illnesses that can really harm a child. However, many parents were disappointed with this verdict due to it violating some of the beliefs they had regarding to vaccines. Some parents claimed that they thought vaccinations were how some children become autistic, and this proved true in numbers, as a significant number of children in the California school system did not have a trace of these vaccines in them. I am not sure at all which it may apply to, but religious beliefs are also a factor in this. Some parents believe in a higher power getting themselves and their children through illnesses, and having a vaccine injected into them spoils that in its entirety.

My ultimate opinion on this is that I am glad that the bill was passed. I know it is rather unfortunate that citizen’s beliefs and rights to believe certain things were violated in the process, but to me, the risk is just too great. In an institution such as a public school full of children who are too young to fully understand the importance of proper cleaning practices and abstaining from unclean ones, such as hand washing, picking their noses and grossing out their friends with blood from their cuts and making them touch it, it is simply too easy to have a deadly sickness spread around an entire school and put a large number of children’s health in jeopardy. Building upon that, these children are sometimes not even going straight from school to their homes. Some of these children whose parents cannot pick them up are watched at a day care, where they come into contact with even more children afterwards. I understand that there have been errors in the past with vaccines, sometimes making the person who took it even more susceptible to the illness, but the rate at which things like this happen are rather low, and I feel that it simply does not provide enough evidence to justify not giving a child a vaccine in a day and age where technology continues to be advanced, and mistakes from machines are on their way to becoming non-existent or less than 1%. I also understand that beliefs are beliefs, but I encourage people who disagree with this bill for that particular reason to take a step back and look at their children, and then think to themselves if raising them a particular way is worth putting their health in danger. After all, what is the sense in raising someone a certain way with the intention of letting them grow up to the best they can be if they are constantly sick?

I not only like that the vaccines are mandatory, but I also like that children are to stay home from school until they have received it. Why? Because it really gives parents a decision to make, and it makes the bill in terms of children getting the vaccines even more effective. Now they are not only potentially leaving their child exposed to an illness, but they are now hurting them on an educational level as well. I like the idea of a well-tested vaccine approved by doctors, because as time progresses, they are finding cures to not only common illnesses, illustrated in the flu shot, but they are continually protecting us from things we do not even know exist yet, and these vaccines are the way to go in my opinion. Hopefully someone will read this and encourage their friends or themselves to think twice about their thoughts on this particular topic.

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