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Outrage Over ESPN’s Decision to Award Caitlyn Jenner the Courage Award

There has been a lot of outrage recently over ESPN’s decision to award Caitlyn Jenner with the Arther Ashe Courage Award from a number of people. Most notable is Bob Costas who referred to ESPN’s decision as a “crass exploitation play.”
Not only is Costas annoyed that someone who is not closely involved in sports has been awarded the award, but he also feels as if ESPN’s decision to give Jenner the award was a ploy to attract viewers. Although he feels that Jenner’s story was courageous, he does wish her “all the happiness in the world and all the peace of mind in the world.” But he still does not feel as if she was the best fit for the award she received.
Costas is not alone though, as was made pretty clear by social media, many are outraged over the selection of Caitlyn Jenner over other candidates like Lauren Hill and Noah Galloway.
Personally, I have no issue with Caitlyn Jenner’s choice, and I think it is pretty great for the LGBT community to have someone openly go through this process. But I do agree with Costas that although Jenner’s story is courageous, the definition of the award lends itself to being given to individuals who are more involved in sports. For this reason, I disagree with ESPN’s choice of giving Jenner the award, and I am rather ashamed of ESPN for pulling a publicity ploy like this to get more attention. If anything, the backlash from this will be terrible for them.

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