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Nokia’s Ozo virtual reality camera comes with a $60,000 price tag

Nokia unveiled its Ozo 360-degree video camera in July, but one thing was missing: the price. If you were dreaming of owning one of these impressive devices you are going to have to save up. The Ozo will cost you $60,000.

Ozo is targeted at professional Virtual Reality content creators, Tech Times reports, and the Finnish company publicizes it as the first professional VR camera in the world.

“Expertly created. Intelligently designed. Purpose-built. OZO is the world’s first professional Virtual Reality camera,” said Nokia. “Capturing 360-degree spherical video and 360×360 surround sound with unique interactive monitoring, OZO increases both the quality and efficiency of Virtual Reality production.”

The Ozo has a spherical view with eight 2K-by-2K image sensors and eight microphones. These microphones record directly to a proprietary flash storage device. The flash storage, which costs $2,500, has a 500GB capacity (enough to store 45 minutes of video and audio).

The $60,000 price might seem a bit high, even for a camera that has a spherical field of view, but some other options are even more expensive. PC World reported that not even money can buy the Jaunt Neo, which launched in June; it can only be rented.

Of course, there are more affordable options. GoPro’s Odyssey cashes in at $15,000. This is one of 16 of GoPro’s Hero4 HD video cameras that sits in a ring with a special mounting block. It can really only shoot cylindrical, not actually spherical.

Even lower than that, pocket-sized cameras such as the Bublcam from Bubl Technology that deliver spherical images come in at prices like $799, according to PC World.

It seemed like 360-degree video cameras were kind of well, not interesting. But Facebook and Google both announced their support, so that’s changing.

Along with Facebook and Google, companies like Sony and HTC have been heavily investing in headsets that people wear to experience virtual reality.

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