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No One Does it Like the Gilmores

Like most Gilmore Girls fans, learning to live without a weekly dose of those fast-talking, coffee-drinking Gilmore gals wasn’t easy. With the completion of its 7th season, the show came to a close in 2007 (hard to believe it has been a decade without our friends of Stars Hollow). My teens were in the age of the Gilmores, for me Rory was a role model. She made being the bookish quiet girl I was (am) completely okay, and she had the coolest mom. We have all had a Jess, a Dean, or a Miss Patty (well I have anyway). The show was believable, relatable, with just the right amount of zany from the Chilton drama to the quirky townsfolk.

To top that -if possible- the actress who played leading daughter, Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel), was and remains today a levelheaded celebrity that lives out of the spotlight. She does not seem like the type to create an O.C. or Zoey 101 situation. With all the beauty and class that would make any mother proud.

At the ATX Television Festival on June 2nd in Austin, Texas the cast reunited once more. Sadly, they were a few short. The mustache model, bumbling professor, and proud grandpa, Richard Gilmore (the late Edward Herrmann) was absent but not forgotten. The festival paid tribute presentation to Hermann, and left a empty chair for him on stage with the other cast members.

Of course, fans inquired about any possible reunion projects that may be in the works. We have all seen the fan made promos for the mystical eighth season, and it gets our hopes up every time, I know. Who did Rory ever end up with? Do we know him? What is she doing now? How come Paris Gellar has yet to take over the world? What about Luke and Lorelei?

At the festival, Lauren Graham (who played Lorelei Gilmore the bubbly young mother of Rory) shared her thoughts on what the characters might be doing today. Like many of us mere mortals, Graham agrees that the Luke and Lorelei story did not end “satisfactorily,” but she thinks that they are together, without a doubt.

Unfortunately, no such reunion project has been announced, but the shows executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino did leave fans with hope: “If it ever happened, I promise you we’ll do it correctly.”



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