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No Country for Mad Men

Spoilers for the series finale of “Mad Men” follow.

After 7 blissful yet confusing seasons, “Mad Men” is over, and we can all have our collective sigh of relief. He didn’t jump out of his office window, empty a round into his head, or even hijack a time machine and time travel to the 80’s. After months of fan speculation, we all know what did (or didn’t?) happen to Don Draper.

Over the seven seasons, a decade passed and I’m not entirely sure I know what was happening through any of it! (I doubt i’m the only one) but one thing I know for sure, is that season after season the cast only got better, and definitely died a hero before it became a villain – but that’s old news.

The bizarre, yet oddly satisfying finale really tied up some loose ends, with the show’s most powerful female characters: Joan, who found love with a rich (yet not very handsome) real estate tycoon who she decided to reject and started her own company, Holloway-Harris. and what better way to celebrate, than with the series’ final drug use scene! With her new-found success though, the finale sweeps her past failures under the rug, and leaves us with the feeling that Joan’s gonna do just fine.

But Joan isn’t the only woman who’s found her own fortune, Peggy not only rejects Joan’s offer of half the company, choosing to fight it out at McCann Erickson on her own ground, to keep the Chevalier account and hanging her octopus on the wall, she also finds love with Stan! after they both confessed their love, and appreciation for consistency (does this mean they friend-zoned each other?)

Pete is sent off in a rather quiet, yet humorous way, with a little cactus and a brush-off by friends who don’t care enough to join him for lunch. Lucky for him though, he and his love are flying off to their happy ending in Wichita on the company jet.

But it wouldn’t be “Mad Men” without some dark, lingering issues to keep your heart strings in line, with Weiner always interested in how the next generation would shape up next. Through clever referencing and brief shots of the children, we can’t even begin to imagine the ripple effect the actions of their parent’s decisions have had on the; Roger, signing half his inheritance to his child with Joan, it’s implied that he may never know his father. Sally, forced to grow up, Bobby, burning food and knowing that his mother is lying about her illness, forcing sally to play the role her father left vacant. And ken, obsessed with work and laughing about his kid, saying he’s “a little weird, actually. I think there might be something wrong with him” of course this is just dark humor, reflecting on what was expected of fathers then,

With some symbolism from Don, stopping in Utah again, and a feint at suicide, you really began to see into the broken man that Don Draper has become, and you sort of feel bad for him.

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