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New study says the key to weight loss is your doctor

If you are desperate to drop some weight, look no further. A new study has the answer!

A recent study found that your doctor’s support is the best way to lose weight. Can you believe it? It’s not diet fads or expensive machines or pills or cleanses. It’s just your doctor, and not enough people take advantage it, according to a Business Standard report.

Though the answer seems simple, it seems right too. Right? Your doctor is an expert on health and nutrition, and he or she is familiar with yours. 

The study looked at data gathered from a two-year trial funded by the federal government. Obese patients were supervised by primary care physicians and were given health coaches during the trial. Then, they were asked to take a survey dealing with their relationships with their doctors.

Patients who gave their physicians the highest “helpfulness” ratings during the trial lost an average of 11 pounds whereas those who gave their physicians a low “helpfulness” level only lost 5 pounds.

The overall weight loss rates were modest; however, those who reported their primary care physician’s support as helpful lost nearly twice as much weight as patients who said their primary care physicians weren’t helpful.

The study team also said that nearly all of the 347 patients who participated in the John Hopkins study reportedly had good relationships with their physicians even though the relationship probably did not effect weight loss, The Market Business reports.

The study, published in the journal Patient Education and Counseling, claimed that not all doctors are equal. In other words, if your doctor is not providing you with the help you need, find a new one!

Assistant professor of medicine in the School of Medicine Wendy Bennet said that involving physicians in “future programs might lead patients to more successful weight loss.” The study’s researchers are looking into using the study’s results in a diet plan that will allow doctors to be more involved in their patients’ weight loss programs.

“This trial supports other evidence that providers are very important in their patients’ weight-loss efforts,” Bennet added in a news release.

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