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New Rumblr app brings ‘Fight Club’ to life

“Casualty-free casual fighting for free. Find and engage with recreational fighters near you.”

Rumblr, a new app that’s being deemed as Tinder for fighting, is set to be released soon and already has some 78,000 people already interested in “casuality-free casual fighting.”

An early version of the app is expected to launch today, and reportedly has a file system to allow women to look for opponents on RumblrHER, and users can search for fights using RumblrGroup. Members will also be able to locate fights to watch using an interactive map.

The app will also feature a chat room that encourages users to insult each other before they meet. It also allows users to list profiling details such as height, weight, expertise, and fighting history.

The app developers are two self-described “recreational fighters” named Matt Henderson and Jack Kim. “We’ve been recreational fighters our entire lives and we’re tired of the inefficiencies that exist when trying to find someone to fight,” they told the Daily Mail. As strange as the concept is, the developers are claiming that the app is 100% serious. “We have raised relatively substantial funding from private American investors and the app is fully developed.”

People are understandably outraged, and questions have been raised, mostly about its legality. Assault and battery are illegal, and depending on how fights go, participants risk being charged with one or both of those crimes. Fighting in public could also lead to disorderly conduct charges.

Regardless of the developers claiming the legitimacy and seriousness of the app, there has been lots of talk of it being a hoax, with news sites claiming that it’s simply a viral marketing stunt. Either way, we’ll find out soon; an early version of Rumblr is set to launch today, with over 78,000 “brawl enthusiasts” signed up for beta testing.


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