Friday , May 29 2020
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New Jersey Health Clinic Closed After Error in Vaccinations

A medical clinic in New Jersey has been shut down after reports that children were vaccinated with the wrong immunizations.

The Salem County Health Department’s “Shots for Tots” clinc underwent an investigation after the reports surfaced, finding that five different children were immunated with the wrong vaccines.

The clinic functions out of the Memorial Hospital of Salem County. A spokesperson for the hospital told HLN, “The Memorial Hospital of Salem County has no medical oversight for the clinc and the vaccinations. The hospital only provides the space for the monthly event free of charge to the Salem County Health Department.”

According to WKBN, the first incident happened in June 2014. One case reportedly identified that a 2-year-old boy was injected with a double dose of Gardasil, a cervical cancer preventation.

Following the reports and the investigation, the two nurses in charge of running the facility resigned.

The clinic will be covering the cost of monitoring the children’s health as a result of the incorrect immunization. Although it is not believed that there will be adverse reactions to the medications, there is still a degree of uncertainty and concern.

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