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New Bond Movie ‘Spectre’ is Getting Mixed Reviews by Critics

Spectre arrives in theatres on November 6 in North America and October 26 in the U.K.  Critics have had the opportunity to see the movie ahead of the release date.  So far, there are many positive reviews, but also some negative.  Spectre has been directed by Sam Mendes, and many people are expecting the film to be be as good or better than Skyfall.

IGN rated the film a 7.2 out of 10.  One complaint they had is that the film is too long.  Chris Tilly of IGN had the following to say in his review of Spectre.

“…it feels like the film goes through the motions for what feels like an age. And this being the longest movie yet, at whopping 148-minutes, it pretty much is; the screenplay by John Logan, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Jez Butterworth dragging out each and every story beat.”

Chris Tilly also found the villain, played by Christopher Waltz, to be disappointing:

“…he lacks the menace of Bond’s last foe, Silva; the character initially seeming creepy, then becoming somewhat goofy, but never transforming into the terrifying monster he’s built up to be, even when administering some admittedly quite painful looking torture….

….But while SPECTRE builds to a conclusion that smartly ties-up multiple loose ends, it fails to pack the emotional punch of Skyfall and Casino Royale before it. There’s no lack of the spectacle and drama that we’ve come to expect from a Bond film….But it lacks the memorable villain that 007 films demand, a stand-out action sequence that pushes you to the edge of your seat, or a moment of pure emotion to make the story truly resonate.”

Some critics seemed to like the movie more than Chris Tilly did, but had similar things to say about it. Ryan Lambie from Den of Geek had the following to say in his 4/5 star review.

“Often sublimely, sometimes awkwardly, Spectre contrasts harshness and humour, violence and suspense, warmth and stark coldness. The ingredients that go into the Bond formula don’t hang together quite as successfully here as they did in Skyfall, and at 148 minutes, Spectre feels a touch too long. But Spectre more than satisfies as a big-screen spectacle, and among the superb performances from the top-notch cast, it’s Craig who again carries the day. His Bond is reliably flinty and dangerous, yet he also gives us the impression that every exploit the agent’s lived through is bearing down on his soul.”

I am excited to see Spectre; I am confident that it will be enjoyable even with its flaws.  Some of my all time favourite Bond movies are Goldfinger, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Casino Royale.  What are your favourites?  Please comment below.

Here is a video from the YouTube channel SamSmithWorldVEVO of the Spectre theme song.

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