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New Apple TV to Include Games

The next Apple TV will be released late October at a price of $149 for 32 Gb and $199 for the 64 Gb model. It may have a greater focus on bringing video game experiences to it’s users. The options for consumers in the video game market used to be limited to Console, Pc and Arcade, but now the options for how to play games is increasing. Competition between cellphone, tablet, Playstation/Xbox and Pc video games exists and the Apple TV may add something unique to the Video game experience. Will the Apple TV dominate the competition?  Will it pose a threat to any of the other consumer options?

A reason why a device like Apple TV may not be a threat to Ps4 or Xbox one sales Console is because the quality of the games likely wont be the same.

“Hardware-wise, the A8 processor inside the new Apple TV isn’t even top of the line for the iPhone line anymore, much less anything that’s going to give the likes of the Xbox One and PS4 (or mid-range Steam Machines) a run for their money at the high end of the gaming spectrum. But it’s powerful enough to run “console class” graphics in games like Disney Infinity. That’s probably enough for an audience that sees gaming as an added bonus, rather than a core feature of the device, but not enough for many consumers looking to the box as their only game console.” –Kyle Orland from

However if the types of games are unique on Apple TV, this may allow the bigger consoles to coexist with apple without harming each others sales.

James Gwetzman of Playfab had the following to say:

“It’s a totally different experience,” said Mr. Gwertzman. “Xbox and PlayStation have been very successful at building those living room experiences, and Apple and Android have been very good at ‘play a game on the bus’ experiences.” – Sourced from Nick Wingfield of

One attractive feature of the device is it’s size and portability compared to the Ps4/Xboxone Consoles.
Steve Perlman the founder of WebTV had this to say:

“These are very big, clunky devices…they’ve got fans, big power supplies.”
“Apple TV is really a modern computing device”

I imagine that some consumers will find the portability of the Apple TV very attractive as it reduces whatever inconveniences come with setting up or moving around the less portable gaming consoles. Also it is more user friendly, it will have voice and touch control to easily select media content. It includes Siri an A.I. program created by apple that allows the user to ask questions and make requests to open program apps and media content. Apple TV reminds me of the Nintendo Wii for its user friendly controls. Perhaps by releasing some innovative games that take advantage of these features, Apple might offer something that no one else has before.

Here’s a look at the recent Apple press event showing the new version of Apple TV,  from youtube channel Gizmodo.


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