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Needles found in Halloween candy

For kids, the days leading up to Halloween are usually filled with excitement and good-natured scares. From picking out costumes and getting ready, to walking through the cool streets and receiving your favorite candies — all of this is a seemingly harmful and fun tradition.

Unfortunately, for the past few weeks, and for many years as Halloween approaches, there has been a more sinister notion surfacing. There have been reminders asking adults to check their children’s candy and confirm it’s safe for consumption.

This involves confirming that the candy is not in fact drugs, or confirming that the candy doesn’t contain some sort of harmful object. It is so upsetting that this even needs to be a concern for parents. It’s difficult to comprehend the case, one of many I presume, that took place this Halloween.

Chester County police of Pensylvania are currently investigating reports that sewing needles were found in some candies of various children trick-or-treating. Many of these children, aged seven to twelve, reported finding similar needles in various types of candy bars. Although no reports have come through showing that there was harm done from the needles found, it is an unfortunate wake-up call for parents that you can never be too careful.

Although Halloween has now passed, this miserable case hopefully serves as a reminder to be careful with the candy your child has collected. It is better to be safe and check the candy for any indications that the packages have been opened or that they show signs of being resealed in any way. If you’re unsure, again, it’s better to be safe. Any homemade candy or treats, especially if the person handing them out is unknown to you, should probably not be consumed.

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