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Mr. Timberlake makes his return to the CMAs

Genre. collaborations. for. award. shows.

I just felt the world do a hybrid wince-eyebrow-raise-shutter-head-tilt-sigh.

More likely forgotten if not for a massive fumble during the performance. But never fear, there is a rare match of magical music synthesis that can blow brain waves flat. In recent years, the first genre collaboration that comes to mind was for the 2011 Grammy Nominations Concert.

Lady Gaga teamed up with country duo Sugarland for soul-clenching rendition of Gaga’s “You and I”. In their respective genres, both Gaga and Jennifer Nettles have a killer set of vocal chords, but when the two band together you (quite literally) see stars.

Somewhere in the middle of forgetful-fumble and Sugarland-Gaga is a groovy head-bobbing performance from the 1999 Country Music Awards: ‘NSync and Alabama. Yes, you read that right- the two groups teamed up for Alabama’s God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You. So not only is that one of the longest song titles ever, but the collaboration also marked Justin Timberlake’s first appearance at the CMA Awards. Check out the video to see the fresh-faced young lads in all their 90’s glory.

Tonight, JT is set to perform at the 49th annual CMA Awards live from Nashville.

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