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Missing Georgia Tech student found injured, but alive

A Georgia Tech student who had been missing since Friday was discovered Monday morning along railroad tracks in Atlanta badly injured, police said.

The 24-year-old aerospace engineering student and Phi Delta Theta fraternity brother, Jimmy Hubert, was last seen leaving a Greek party Friday around 11 p.m., according to Georgia Tech. The search for Hubert was supposed to resume Monday morning at 10 a.m., but his friend couldn’t sleep and they started early, USA Today reports.

Hubert’s date had left her phone in his coat pocket, so his friends were able to use the “Find my iPhone” app on her phone to locate him. They found him seven miles from The Foundry, which is where the party was held.

His high school friend, Emma Jeffery, said they went to the location they heard the last cellphone ping. Jeffery said that they “got out of the car, then we jumped over two train tracks and walked.” They walked about 10 minutes beyond where they heard the ping when Jeffrey spotted Hubert and said, “Is that a person?”

Jeffery, a Georgia State University student, was sure that Hubert was gone. “Emma calls me, hysterical, that they found him and he is not responding,” one of Hubert’s fraternity brothers, 21-year-old Christian Battaglia, told NBC News. “Everyone in the house heard me crying out.”

Battaglia and other friends dashed to the spot where Hubert was found and waited for an ambulance. Battaglia said that Hubert’s face was “really messed up–dried blood all over his lips…He had some stuff on his back that looked like dried blood.”

When he was found, he was not coherent nor could he remember what took place. According to USA Today, he was taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia and other non-life-threatening injuries.

His mother, Diane Hubert, wrote on Facebook that he was attacked after taking the train home from a party. “When he got off the train, he was JUMPED BEATEN UP ROBBED & LEFT FOR DEAD,” she wrote.

Jeffery said that all Hubert has claimed is that he “was jumped by a homeless person.” He said he was “beat up by a group of people.”

His mother also wrote, “He’s in ICU with broken vertebrae, Broken ribs, Broken scapula, Punctured Lung, Blood on the brain, Paralyzed left side (Hopefully temporary). He’s in a lot of pain and on morphine resting.”

“Thanks go to the students for not giving up on their friend,” chief of the Georgia Tech Police Department, said in a statement. The investigation has been handed over to the Atlanta police department since the incident did not happen on campus.

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