Tuesday , May 26 2020
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Microsoft Announces New Changeable Controller

Just when I thought it was awesome that Microsoft was doing an outstanding job by announcing the backwards capability for their Xbox One, they take it a step further with a new controller. Most people will probably stop me and say “Most consoles come out with a new controller… what is the big deal?” While it is true that most new consoles come with a new controller, there is one thing that they are missing that the Xbox One controller has.

Microsoft has really out done themselves with this new controller. For starters, they made the analogs capable of being switched different kinds, including the material on them. This means that players who may have had difficulty playing certain games due to the shape of the analog can customize the controllers to their liking. Second, this controller also has room for little button pedals underneath it, which was intended for gamers who are very intense at racing games. Third, it also offers the ability to switch around the button combinations and sensitivity of the controller during game play. There are many more features for it, but this article would be incredibly long if I were to name them all. The controller is anticipated to be released in time for customers to buy it during the holidays.

I really think that Microsoft has a good chance of dominating the gaming market with these hard hitting features that they are adding to their console. I can only imagine how many games I have played growing up where I have died repeatedly because I was used to using certain buttons for certain operations in different games. I do not know what I would have done for a custom buttons or a controller during games like those. I really do believe that if Sony or Nintendo does not add something new to their products soon, Microsoft will be the more popular gaming medium to play off of.



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