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Mega Millions – $194 Million!!

Ever dream of winning the lottery? Yeah, me too. All the things that you could do with one million dollars…the possibilities are endless! Well this week Americas largest jackpot game is a lot more than just one million dollars.

May 19 the Mega Millions numbers (10-12-21-29-65) were left unmatched. The Gold Mega Ball number was 10 and the Megaplier number was 5. Since nobody matched the numbers the next jackpot was raised to $194 million…more money than most people can even imagine what to do with!

There was no jackpot winner, but there was one ticket holder from Ohio that had five matching numbers winning them $1 million.

There have been a whopping sixteen draws since a New Yorker won $59 million in March this year – giving the jackpot plenty of time to climb.

The Powerball jackpot has also increased to a large amount ($121 million). The last winner was someone from Puerto Rico and they won $50 million, April this year.

May 19th had some other Mega Millions winners though! One player won $25,000. Two players won $5,000. Another person won $2,500. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at! Over 34,000 players won at least $2 and over 58,000 players won $1 each. At least that’s enough to buy another ticket!

The odds of winning the jackpot may be 1 in 259 million but for a prize of $194 million I’d say buying the $1 ticket is worth those odds!

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