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MasterCard Selfie Purchase Verification!

MasterCard is trying new ways to verify online transactions. They are experimenting with a few different methods, one of which is verifying with selfies!

It is a Smartphone app that confirms the users identity with a facial scan (aka selfie). To use it all you need to do is download the app and when checking out you will take the camera, point it at your face, stare at it and blink.

The blinking is to thwart off people trying to imitate others by just simply taking a picture of the other person’s photo to authenticate the purchase. The system works by converting the users face to a code/map of ones and zeros which it then sends to MasterCard!

The app will also have a fingerprint recognition option to choose from. Again, the fingerprint is translated into a code and sent over the internet to MasterCard.

CNN Money reported that the app is starting off as a pilot program of five hundred people and MasterCard will see how popular/effective it is with those users before moving forward.

Ajay Bhalla is a security expert at MasterCard. Bhalla is convinced that this app will be accepted and even trendy with current clients, saying:

“The new generation, which is into selfies…I think they’ll find it cool. They’ll embrace it.”

Currently for verification, users use something called “SecureCode”. It’s essentially a password that you can use when making online purchases for extra security. But as we all know, passwords can be forgotten and are a pain to try and recover! Plus those passwords are a risk for being stolen and intercepted. 

MasterCard and all Smartphone makers have partnered for these verification method experiments to see what will work best. They are also testing a voice recognition verification that will just require people to speak into their phone to finish a purchase. Even a heartbeat recognition method is currently being tested with Nymi, a Canadian Firm!

It takes a lot of work to stay trendy…especially with something as tiresome as the small print of online purchases. I think MasterCard is taking a step beyond and will really pull them a head above the rest!

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