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Marco Muzzo Faces Eighteen Criminal Charges In Court

Marco Muzzo is facing 18 criminal charges in court. Four of those charges are for impaired driving causing death.

Muzzo is an heir to a billion dollar empire created by his grandfather/namesake. The Muzzo’s are one of the richest families in the Greater Toronto Area and own two companies , Marel Contractors and Pemberton Group. Marco is twenty-nine and had plans to marry his fiancé next month. Unfortunately, his mistake has directed his life down a very different path.

He was driving his SUV in Vaughan, Ontario – just north of Toronto – on Sunday. It was 4:10pm and he was 10km from home. He drove towards Kirby Rd and Kipling Ave  but instead of stopping at the stop sign, he continued on into the intersection and t-boned a minivan before continuing on to hit a second vehicle.

The people in the second car only incurred minor injuries, but the passengers and driver in the minivan suffered a very different fate.

In the minivan was the Neville family. Daniel Neville (9), Harrison Neville (5) and Millie Neville (2) were all in the back of the van. Their grandfather Gary Neville (65) was driving the van. Also in the car was Neriza Neville and Josephina Frias, the children’s grandmother and great grandmother.

Gary and Daniel passed away at the scene before responders had a chance to help. Both Neriza and Josephina were taken to St. Michaels Hospital and Harrison and Millie were also rushed to a hospital.

The children’s parents, Jennifer Neville-Lake and Edward Neville went out and left their children with their loving grandparents. It wasn’t until they got home and turned on the news that they realized something wasn’t right. After recognizing the van on news reports they rushed to the police station to find out more information. Jennifer told reporters:

“I turned on the news. They showed a flash of the scene. My eyes immediately went to the van and I said, ‘That’s my van.’ I screamed.”

From there they were sent to the hospital that Harrison and Millie were being treated at. Both children were on life support when their parents arrived. The hospital staff pushed the sibling’s beds closer together so they could hold each other’s hands. Jennifer called her mother, who was still being treated, and told her:

“Mommy, we need you to sing to them. We need you to stop screaming, for them.”

Both Harry and Millie passed away just after midnight, hand in hand and with their mom and dad on either side of them.

As of Monday, both the grandmother and great grandmother were in stable physical condition. But the entire family is still in shock. Edward told reporters:

“We close our eyes and they’re all we see … This is a nightmare that will never go away.”

According to CTV Toronto anchor, Tamara Cherry, Muzzo did a breathalyser test twice at the scene of the crime and it was concluded that he was driving with a blood-alcohol level well over twice the legal limit. He had four family members in the courtroom to support him. He has some very heavy pain he will carry with him for the rest of his life, but not nearly as heavy as the pain the Neville family feels.

Jennifer described Daniel as a smart, well rounded kid. He loved to play with Lego but also loved his ballet class. Harrison was all about being fabulous. He loved his long hair, dressing up and playing with My Little Pony. Millie was only two, but she had a zest for life. She was passionate and put her feisty attitude into everything she did. As for Gary Neville, well, Jennifer simply described him as “one of a kind”.

The Neville’s are blown away by the support of the community. A memorial was started at the scene of the crash, the children’s school flew the flag at half mast and the Go Fund Me page set up for them has raised over $71, 000!

Edward said:

“We were worried about how to pay for funeral costs. But how do you pay for four at once?”

Well with the help of their community, that’s one less worry.

RIP Gary, Millie, Harry and Daniel. Our thoughts are with the Neville family as they navigate this difficult time. My heart aches for you all.

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