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Man with Penis Transplant Impregnates Woman

Being in a predicament where a man is forced to give up his entire manhood is something no man wants to think about. For some, it is essential to their culture, as they are married at a certain age and then end up reproducing, others simply use theirs to please the ladies, and like the vast majority of men out there, we are simply proud of what we’ve got between our legs! The idea of transplanting a penis seems incredibly absurd to most, and had I not read this story, I would have thought the same thing. There would have been so many questions going on in my head that are likely going through yours right now. First off, who in their right mind would give up their genitalia for the benefit of someone else, two, would it work the same way? Three, what if I want to have children? Well, I am going to explain it all in this remarkable breakthrough of a story.

A twenty one year old man was unfortunately forced to part with his penis after a circumcision operation went horribly wrong. this man was offered the penis of a deceased man and the option of doing a transplant, so long as the surgeons had a plastic replica of the genitalia of the deceased man. Now for the rest of the questions, they kind of all get answered with this one statement. Three years later, the man’s surgeons were informed that a woman had become pregnant through ejaculation of the transplanted penis. Though the organ transplant is effective enough for someone to go through the act of reproduction, the operation still is not perfect. There are other physical tasks, such as urination and then the psychological factors of having a new penis for the person who had surgery performed on them to deal with. There was even a Chinese man who had this same operation and requested that his organ be removed due to it causing him too much grief. Operators are also getting excited for the future in terms of operations like these, as researchers have found progress in terms of using someone’s own cells to make a replacement reproductive organ, which will be more likely to be compatible with the person psychologically.

Although the operation is not perfect, I find it to be an incredible step in the right direction. I can only imagine the amount of people out there who lost their reproductive organs due to whatever cause and are likely depressed or severely disappointed about thinking about thinking of the idea of not being able to be biological birth fathers, or not being able to pleasure their significant other, or even themselves. Hopefully, once this story catches wind, they will be more optimistic about these things and will be willing to give the operation a try. I admit that I would be very skeptical about the operation myself, but if it’s either a transplanted penis or no penis, I am definitely going to go with the second option.

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