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‘Luther,’ Series 4, Gets American Premiere Date

The fourth series of the hit British crime drama Luther, starring Golden Globe Award winner Idris Elba (The Wire, Prometheus) has an American premiere date. BBC America will broadcast both episodes of the brief return of the show on Thursday, December 17, 2015. The special one night event sees Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Elba) pulled from retirement to catch a serial killer with the gruesome habit of eating his victims.

“Struggling to cope with his own demons after losing so much, it seemed normalcy would always elude the emotionally impulsive detective. Teflon tough, even the strongest couldn’t endure what Luther has seen and been through. Hunting London’s most depraved criminals forced him to tap into the dark recesses of his mind, revealing sides of himself that would horrify most. The heartbreaking loss of his wife to a brutal murderer and his inner-circle of colleagues turning on him in a witch hunt weren’t enough to keep him away from the job. But watching his most trusted colleague and friend, Detective Sergeant Justin Ripley, die in his arms after getting caught in the crossfires of a case, finally pushed him over the slippery slope he’s always towed. A forbidden connection with serial-killer, Alice Morgan, offered him a somewhat skewed version of a happy ending and he took it,” BBC America says.

“This time we find Luther on a leave of absence from the police force, laying low in a rundown cottage. A visit from colleagues, Detective Chief Inspector Theo Bloom and Detective Sergeant Emma Lane brings a shocking piece of news that draws him back to London in search of the truth. At the same time, a gruesome cannibalistic serial killer has struck the city, eating body parts as he goes. With a trail of clues leading from one crime scene to the next, Detective Superintendent Unit Martin Schenk and his team must work out the twisted logic that connects each victim. But this murdering mastermind is more than a match for Schenk’s police, outsmarting them at every step. It’s not long before Luther makes his triumphant return to the Bullpen, determined to capture the killer before another mutilated body joins the mounting pile. But he’s dogged at every turn by ghosts from his past. Isolated and volatile, it will take every fiber of Luther’s being to keep it together.”

“I think there were bigger challenges when he lost his wife and his best friend…,” said Idris Elba. “That was a huge pinnacle and something that it took him a long time to get over. And in this [special] there is something similar that happens to him that is definitely traumatic.”

“I think Luther goes back just because he can’t stay away from it for too long. Ultimately, because he’s a protector, [he] just wants to be able to fix what he can see other people won’t be able to,” she added.

Created by two-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee Neil Cross (Mama, Crossbones), Luther also stars Warren Brown (Inside Men, Good Cop), Darren Boyd (Veep, The World’s End), Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones, The Last Witch Hunter), Dermot Crowley (Babel, Bleak House), Michael Smiley (Doctor Who, Ripper Street), Laura Haddock (Guardians of the Galaxy, Ripper Street), Patrick Malahide (Indian Summers, Game of Thrones) and John Heffernan (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Ripper Street)

It will also air in the U.K. sometime in December 2015.

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