Monday , May 25 2020
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Link Between Red Meat and Stoke Risk

Researchers found that there is an increased risk of stroke related to how much red meat you consume.

23 years of data from 11,000 middle aged people was observed for volume of red meat and protein consumption. All of those who’s data had been collected were free from other health related risk factors.

Those who ate the most red meat were compared to those that ate the least amount of red meat. The results were astounding, the risk for an ischemic stroke was nearly 50% greater for those who ate the most red meat. Other types of protein had no associated risk for stroke.

It was also found that those who consumed less protein were less likely to be obese. For the risk of any stroke, the top fifth of red meat consumer were at a 41% greater risk than the bottom fifth of red meat consumers. When looking only at the men, it was found that the risk for stroke was even greater. The top fifth of men were at a whopping 62% greater risk for stroke than the men who ate the least amount of red meat.

A good guideline to live by, both in regards to meat and most other aspects of life, is to live in moderation.

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