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Limited Edition Super Mario Watch Available for $18,950

From Romaine Jerome comes the RJ X Super Mario Bros. Watch. It comes with an $18,950 price tag.

Unfortunately the watch will not play the game (like a smart watch), but it still makes for a nice collectors piece.

Don Reisinger of PCMag reported the following:

“The watchface features Mario himself, alongside a mushroom and other tidbits from the game. It comes with a somewhat large 46mm case, and a signature RJ wristband and branding on the watchface….

…Those with deep pockets who are interested in buying the special-edition RJ X Super Mario Bros. watch better hurry: the company made just 85 units, in a nod to the year in which the game arrived, 1985.”


With such a small amount of these watches created, I wonder how high in value the Super Mario Watch will increase to in the decades to come. Nintendo just celebrated the 30th anniversary of Mario this year, and the watch makes a nice tribute.

It’s possible Nintendo will eventually become as big and popular as Disney. With the purchase of Marvel and Star Wars, I would not be surprised if Disney also buys out Nintendo. Maybe by 2048 we will see Nintendo Land included inside Disney world.

Follow the liink to see the official Romaine Jerome website http://www.romainjerome.ch/.

Romaine Jerome also makes many other watches, including other video game themed ones. Here is a video review of another Watch from Romaine Jerome, the Pac-Man Watch.

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