Saturday , May 30 2020
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Legends of Tomorrow

DC is dominating in their TV shows.

It started three seasons ago with Arrow”, which then expanded to have “The Flash” as a spin-off. “Supergirl” will air this fall, and if the release of yesterday’s trailer is anything to judge by, that new show promises loads of excitement.

Now, the spin-off from “Arrow” and “The Flash” had released its first trailer, and fans are already buzzing. This show contains some characters that we’ve met from both shows. Sara Lance and Ray Palmer from “Arrow” (both of whom were a little worse for wear last time we saw them, so those details are sure to get ironed out), and Captain Cold, Heatwave and Martin Stein from “The Flash”. We are also introduced to new characters Hawkgirl (a re-incarnating woman with wings) and Rip Hunter (an English time-traveler from the future).

All of these heroes are needed to team up against an old villain who we haven’t yet met in any of the DC shows. I say old, because Vandal Savage is an immortal who has existed for thousands of years.

This first look promises lots of action and plenty of stuff to keep its audience hooked, and being another CW show, we can hope for even more crossovers than what has already happened with “Arrow” and “The Flash”.

This new show promises to be just as big as its predecessors, but we’ll have to wait until mid next season to find out.

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