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Justin Bieber and James Corden Duet

Does eight minutes seem like an impossibly long time to watch Justin Bieber? Well James Corden not only makes it achievable but he also makes it enjoyable!

Wednesday night James Corden, the “Late Late Show” host, showed us that Justin Bieber can be more than tolerable – he can be downright delightful! The show aired an eight minute segment called “Carpool Karaoke” that features the dynamic duo hanging out and talking about all sorts of hilarious things while driving around.

So what specifically has me all worked up? Well here’s a few of my favorite parts of the video…

  • Listening to “Baby” – oh but not just listening! They both sing and dance to the tune! I would have loved to be someone driving up beside them seeing the pair making fools of themselves!
  • The sudden switch between the energetic car-cert (car concert) and the down moments where they’re just eating McDonalds or talking about girls
  • James poking fun at Bieber about girls saying “oh you haven’t had kisses yet?”…seriously, how cute!
  • Bieber making fun of himself – saying “Baby” has “the most dislikes on the internet” and that he just added the word fondue into his lyrics because it sounded cool. Ha!
  • Corden telling Bieber how he would make love to a woman if he were in his position. He explains that he would listen to his own music, stand in the doorway and do a slow snap, then begin methodically stripping in line with the lyrics.
  • Justin explaining what swag is and then switching outfits with James
  • Two minute solving of a Rubiks Cube while Corden looks on with giddy wonder
  • Both of them singing some Boys II Men – James on harmonies

But my favorite part that impressed me the most was Justin’s answer to Corden asking him where he wants to be in ten years. Justin answered, “I want to be completely secure in myself and have a family”. I think the Biebs could be on the right track to becoming a wonderful young man. Sure he’s had some bumps in the road where he’s made some questionable decisions but who knows, maybe he’s turned a leaf!

Want to see the video for yourself? Head to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx06c0ZEBMk

Sing on Biebs! Joke on Corden! You two are fabulous!

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