Tuesday , May 26 2020
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Just Mayo: FDA Says Spread Violates Rules

The small company Hampton Creek was told by the Food and Drug Administration that some of their products including Just Mayo and Just Mayo sriracha did not comply with the food labelling regulations.

The front label graphic of an egg with a sprout through the middle can be misleading, when there are no eggs in the Just mayo product. The company also implies that their products are ‘heart healthy’ when in fact there is actually too much fat content in order to be considered as such.

“The company and the F.D.A. may have a back-and-forth and come to an agreement about modification of the label, but certainly it does seem that the F.D.A. is on fairly strong footing,” said Ivan Wasserman, a food labelling specialist.

In addition to these violations there are ingredients such as pea protein and modified food starch that aren’t within the standard.

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