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Jeremy Corbyn – Truth time

His election at the helm of the Labour party was applauded by many people, even all the way in Iran where the ruling class there praised Jeremy Corbyn as the man who shook up the British ruling class.  Within his own party, the electorate at least, now feels that the party is back.  Unlike Tony Blair, who some felt was more interested in schmoozing with – and having the lifestyle of his too many rich friends, and Ed Miliband, sometimes called Mr no-charisma, Jeremy Corbyn’s credentials speak for him.

Not for him the past glories of a Socialism practised at university, or an inherited Socialism from mum and dad.  At 66 years of age, Jeremy Corbyn is a convinced leftist.  A republican, a friend of Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA, he also writes a column every week in the Morning Star, a paper set up by the British communist party.  And he is not scared in making his opinions known.

No wonder then that while the electorate fell in love with him, the ruling elite has always maintained their distance from the man some ironically call “chuckles”.  The Conservative party claims he is seriously lacking in the humour department.  Not that he needs to worry quite about the Conservative party.  On the day he became the head of the Labour party, there was no cheer or raucous applause when he stood up for his maiden speech.  And now at his first Labour conference where he speaks as the leader, some in the ruling class are letting go off the classic British upper lip syndrome and making their unease towards their leader clear.

His pacifist views are being challenged.  On Trident and on his answer that he “could not push the nuclear button”, Maria Eagle, the shadow defence secretary qualified the answer as being “unhelpful”.

“I think it undermines to some degree our attempts to try and get a policy process going.  As far as I’m concerned, we start from the policy we have”, she said and went on to add, “I don’t think that, a potential prime minister answering a question like that, in the way in which he did is helpful.”  Maria Eagle has previously backed the renewal of Trident.

There are of course others like John McDonnel, the shadow chancellor, who praise his honesty, but one thing is sure, Jeremy Corbyn has his work cut out.  One can only hope that the new leader of the Labour party will not take upon himself the concerns of the ruling class, mainly the fear that he is unelectable and change his style.  For some reason however, that fear seems unfounded as Jeremy Corbyn has been one of the most consistent politicians on the British political scene for some times.


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