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Jennifer Lopez perform on stage at Morocco's biggest music event, the Mawazine Festival, in Rabat, Morocco, Friday May 29, 2015. (AP Photo/Abdeljalil Bounhar)

Jennifer Lopez Sued For Sexy Concert

Jennifer Lopez may be facing a bit of a legal hiccup but she’s got too much on her plate to let this get in her way!

The Boy Next Door star is filming a new NBC police drama called “Shades of Blue”, she’s got an upcoming movie called “Lila and Eve” (which is released July 17) and she’s also preparing for a move to Las Vegas! Vegas might be a more fitting place for her style. She’ll be better embraced there than she was in Morocco, that’s for sure.

Lopez held a concert in the capital city of Rabat. It was a part of last month’s Mawazine Festival but her sultry style wasn’t embraced and as a result she’s facing a lawsuit. The crime? Being too sexy. An education group felt that her slinky costumes and sultry dancing was inappropriate and “tarnished women’s honor”. The concert, held May 29th and televised to over two million viewers, was considered by the group be a disturbance to “public order”. If J-Lo is found guilty, she faces up to two years in prison.

While her performance was nothing out of the norm for the forty-five year old pop star, it was something that Moroccans weren’t ready to welcome. Even Moroccos Minister of Communication, Mustapha Khalfi, disapproved of the concert. Khalfi tweeted:

“What was broadcast was unacceptable and goes against the broadcast law”

The Mawazine Festival is a ten day event that also featured performers Akon, Usher, Sting, Maroon 5 and Pharrell Williams. While Jennifer may have been overly sexy to Moroccan music lovers, these other performers were apparently just the right amount of sexy.

In all seriousness, it’s fine to have limits and boundaries as to what’s acceptable. However, if you are going to invite Jennifer Lopez to perform at a festival maybe you should have done some research to see what kind of a performer she is first.

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