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Photo: Youtube @Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson Visit The Great Wall Of China

Gale would do anything for Katniss. And Liam Hemsworth would obviously do anything for Jennifer Lawrence. Even if that means carrying her purse along The Great Wall of China.

Hemsworth appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Jimmy made him answer for the incriminating photo of the visit to the Great Wall. He asked him about the Valentino handbag as well as the panda hat he was wearing.

The Hunger Games stars were in the middle of their media tour with co-star Josh Hutcherson. They were making a brief, 24-hour pit stop in Beijing and decided to take some time to go and see the famous landmark.

Before heading up the wall, Hutcherson and Hemsworth bought matching panda hats to keep warm. As for the purse, Hemsworth told Jimmy it added to the ambiance of the photo. He said:

“Jen didn’t want to carry her handbag anymore, which is… like Jen. So I carried her handbag. I figured it added to the whole picture.”

Hemsworth also admitted to only sleeping a couple of hours while in China because of a slew of bad dreams and night sweats!

In the last two weeks their tour has brought them to Madrid, London, Berlin, Paris and now Beijing. Reflecting on their adventures, Hemsworth admits that it’s heartbreaking that The Hunger Games series is on its last leg. Hemsworth tells Kimmel:

“We’re just sad not to tour the world together. That’s one of the funnest parts.”

Fans are right there with them, counting down the days until the bittersweet release of the final installment.

The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay – Part 2 will hit theaters this week.

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