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Photo: Youtube @TwinStrangers

Jennifer And Ambra – Twin Strangers Finally Meet

TwinStrangers.com has released a video this week that has gone viral.

The site was originally created by twenty-six year old Niamh Geaney. On the site you can upload a photo of yourself and identify your facial features (face and eye shape, nose type, eyebrow qualities etc). Once you do that, the site will find others on the site that look like you.

Plenty of doppelganger matches have been found, including a look-alike of Niamh herself earlier this year!

However, there was one match that was so close the world had to see. Ambra is from North Carolina and is 23 years old. Her doppelganger is Jennifer. She is 33 and lives in Texas. They had never met and are not related yet they look like they could be twins!

Jennifer joined, uploaded her photo and within five minutes she was matched with Ambra. The resemblance was so uncanny that the two decided to meet. Twin Strangers caught the whole thing on video and that video has been spread like wild fire!

Ambra flew to Texas to meet not only Jennifer but also Jennifer’s mother. She was nervous at first but the shock really came once the two were face to face.  Ambra said:

“When I met her [Jennifer] I was like oh my goodness… She really does have my face.”

The shock was shared by anyone who saw the two of them together. For Jennifer’s mom, it was like seeing a clone of her daughter. She told Ambra:

“You look so much like my daughter, your smiles are the same. How is this possible?”

To record their meeting, they went to get their photos professionally taken. They dressed in matching outfits and received matching hair styling and makeup.

Their resemblance is undeniable! How eerie! Check out the video below…

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