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Japan residents cautioned as earthquake strikes off the coast

With the most recent devastating earthquakes in Nepal over the past few weeks, Mother Nature (and Seismologists) are warning citizens to stay vigilant and cautious, especially in Japan; earthquakes are ever present and ready to strike.

Japan has been cautioned to execute alertness after a 7.8 magnitude quake struck off the coast of the nation leaving dozens injured. This region is no stranger to these powerful earthquakes, but residents are being reminded to stay cautious. In addition to immediate injuries, approximately 400 individuals were stranded and trapped at the Tokyo Tower when elevators were halted for approximately an hour.

Japan’s most recent quake (hitting the country approximately 874km south of the capital) caused buildings to sway and shaking up the nerves of many individuals. With most earthquakes hitting along the coast, residents are often fearful of subsequent tsunamis. However, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center acknowledged that there was no risk in this case, as the epicenter of the quake was 676km below the surface.

However, the effects of the earthquake could have been much worse, prompting the reminder for alertness, caution and vigilance. The earthquake was the second largest tremor that Tokyo experienced in a week, with a previous quake striking near the capital earlier in the week.

The volatile geology of Japan makes for dangerous situations, and Mother Nature is fearless and relentless in her antics.

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