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James Brock Turned Himself In To Officials After Killing A Homeless Shelter Employee

 James Brock, 32, has turned himself in to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania officials for the murder of Edward Barksdale, 43, and the attempted murder of Lamond Barham, 26.

Capt. James Clark went to a press conference yesterday afternoon to reveal the details of the case. The events unfolded as followed.

James Brock, who has been staying at the Station House Transition Home for almost 3 months, showed up past curfew looking for a room. Two shelter employees (Edward and Lamond) turned him away for being drunk and for showing up past curfew. After Brock refused to leave, an argument broke out. The shelter workers called the police who escorted him out of the home and took him to a hospital for evaluation.

The next day (Sunday) he signed himself out of the hospital and returned to the shelter to collect his belongings. He showed up at 3:15am but Barksdale and Barham told Brock that they don’t have access to his stuff. Brock left and returned again a few hours later (6am) when he found his way into the building and shot at both employees near the front entrance.

Barksdale was pronounced dead at the scene after being shot five times in the head, chest, stomach and legs. Barham was also shot but wasn’t killed. He was taken to Temple University Hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

As of Monday, Brock was identified as a suspect and has turned himself in to the police. He is being charged with murder, attempted murder and other charges related to those crimes.

Clark said that Brock was “highly intoxicated” at the time the crime was committed on North Broad Street. He also said:

“(Brock) came up with a game plan in his mind that he was going to come in and try to kill both those individuals.”

The incident is currently being investigated. They are looking to find how Brock was able to enter the shelter while armed considering the screening and mandatory pat downs.

Mayor Jim Kenney tweeted about the “heartbreaking tragedy” while assuring the community that the crime was a one off. He said:

“The city is squarely focused on your safety. If you know a homeless person in need of shelter please call our 24-hour hotline at 215-232-1984.”

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