Tuesday , June 2 2020
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ISIS Beheads 2 Women

On Tuesday, it became known that Islamic State jihadists had decapitated female civilians for the first time by beheading two women in Syria on charges of witchcraft and sorcery in the Deir Ezzor province.

Reportedly, the women as well as their husbands were executed for the same charges on Sunday and Monday. This is just another piece of evidence about how violent and gruesome the Islamic State is. Although these were the first women to be decapitated, alongside their husbands, the Islamic State has been known to stone women to death for being suspected of adultery. Additionally, the Islamic State has executed more than 3000 people in Syria in the last year since it declared its Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria. 1,800 of these were civilians, and 74 have been children.

Anything suspected of black magic, which would be as simple as optical illusions or magic tricks on the streets performed for children, is enough to be condemned to questioning by Islamic State members. Many performers have been beheaded in the streets as crowds look on. For the two couples who were brutally executed this past weekend, it is uncertain who they are or exactly why they were murdered, but it is obvious that the Islamic State will stop at nothing and has no shame in anything that they do.

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