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Infant dies in Unlicensed Daycare Center

Infants, while they are little miracles and beautiful ones at that, they are high risk individuals. Some manage to strangle themselves with the umbilical cord before they are born, some are born with collapsing lungs, many of them are borne premature, and this is only a few of a list of probably hundreds of symptoms that out babies at risk. Then there are the parents who are in the unfortunate situation where they are unable to take care of their kids during the day, so they resort to a daycare centre. A lot of parents must wonder what goes on in those facilities while they are working away, but that is about all they can do. However, I cannot imagine what is going through the minds of the parents of the Towndrow family right now.

Three month old Paul Towndrow was found dead at a New York City daycare centre. The owner, Maryellen Strautmanis claims that the infant was unresponsive after being put to sleep for his fifteen minute nap. When the facility was discovered, they were shut down.

There are many ways to point the finger in a case like this. Firstly, you could point the finger at the daycare centre, because it was unlicensed, meaning it has not gone through proper training protocols and the environment where the children were staying likely did not have safety inspections done on it. With that said however, this facility has been running for fourteen years and nothing has happened to any other children who have stayed there. Then there are the parents. I am not going to blame them for not being available, since parents do what they need to do in order to keep a roof over their babies heads, but I will question the idea of them not fully being aware of their child’s needs, similar to an asthma patient needing a puffer, or a sick person needing antibiotics. I know that those can be hard to know or find with a child so young, but they need to be done. No charges have been made to the daycare owner, but I encourage parents to look for a licensed place to keep their kids for the day, despite what it may cost.

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