Monday , May 25 2020
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Increased paternity leave for Facebook fathers

Facebook has decided to join the ranks of large companies to introduce a longer, paid paternity leave. Dads can now get 4 weeks and up to 4 months off. Four seems to be a lucky number, because not only do parents working for Facebook reap the benefits of longer leave, they can also get a “new child benefit” of $4,000.

The improvements have already been implemented and available for the U.S employees. This is quite necessary as the U.S does not have a mandate for paid maternity leave.

Other large companies have instilled better opportunities for new parents. For employees of Netflix, you can stay on paid leave for the entire first year of your child’s life. Amazon has increased maternity leave to 8 weeks, and paternity leave to 6 weeks. Spotify offers all parents 6 months of paid leave.

Hopefully these companies will act as models for other companies of any size to follow suit and improve the quality of employee care.

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