Friday , May 29 2020
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Hawaii Raises Smoking Age To 21

When it comes to habits like smoking, there is a good amount of people who begin indulging in such a habit before they reach their twenties. Whether it is because they unfortunately got curious about it and then got addicted that way, were peer pressured into it by their peers at their school or circle of friends, or maybe were even encouraged or not discouraged to do it by their family, no one can deny this is true. So what can be done about this? Well, it seems that Hawaii has found a solution that just may work or significantly cut down the amount of emerging smokers growing up.

The state of Hawaii has recently passed a bill regarding the legal smoking age, which indicates that a person must be twenty one years of age before they purchase cigarettes. This law also does not permit people younger than twenty one years of age  to use or purchase electronic cigarettes either. Such a bill has been passed because Hawaii is trying to further strengthen their tobacco control.

I understand that tobacco companies have established a business and need to make money to stay a float, but I am just one hundred percent against cigarettes. All they do is literally shorten someone’s life span and do not offer any positive benefits that cannot be achieved through other means. Hopefully some other states can look past the money they may lose like Hawaii has and release bills similar to this one.

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