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Happy Birthday Barbapapa!

The colourful, pear shaped family named Barbapapa is 45 years old, but immortalized in the hearts of french students everywhere. 


Bardapapa is 45 years old and as we approach the half century, our favorite pink blob hasn’t aged a bit. Google of course, shared the fabled history of the history, beginning in May 19, 1970 in the sunny alleys of Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.  Talus Taylor, an American born man married to a French author, was enjoying the scenery when he heard a child asking something of his parents.

Being the “tourist” that he was, Taylor didn’t understand French but the sound of the request captured his attention. “Baa baa paa paa.” His wife, Anette Tison explains that the child was asking for cotton candy (or candy floss) Hours later, Taylor doodles the silhouette of a man inspired by pink candy on a coffee table and thus, Barbapapa was born.

But one character wasn’t enough: if Bardapapa is a dad, doesn’t he need a wife? and thus children? They then created a wife, Bardamama and seven children. Each one with it’s own colour and talent, making them all unique; Barbalala (green) likes music, Barbabelle (purple) seduces others with her beauty, Barbotine (orange) is always invested in reading, Barbidur (red) is the sports fan, Barbidul (blue) is the scientific one, barbidou (yellow) is an animal lover, and barbouille (black) is the artistic sibling.

Through reading the stories, or watching the nearly 100 animated shorts, you learn that the Bardapapa family can all change shape at will, but choose to use their powers for good by changing shapes to adhere to the needs of those around them. Way to go Bardapapa!

Bardapapa finds almost immediate success, in just six years after the creation of the family, the cartoon is adapted and becomes the hero of a magazine. Traveling through the years, it never really left the hearts of yesterdays youth. Bardapapa finds a second youth in 2011, with the release of derivative products, ranging from bowling kits, to liquid soap dispensers, to themed outdoor toys, because nothing says childhood innocence, like commercialism.

Their anniversary is celebrated with a colourful doodle.

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