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Gwen Stefani steals the show on ‘The Voice’ with her performance of ‘Used to Love You’

On Monday night’s live Top 10 episode of The Voice, Gwen Stefani stole the show with an emotional performance of her new single.

It’s really clear that her new single, Used to Love You, was inspired by her recent divorce from singer Gavin Rossdale after almost 13 years of marriage and 20 years of being together. They split after Rossdale reportedly had an affair with their children’s nanny, according to Fox News.

Stefani hasn’t really said that the song is about him outright. PEOPLE reports that the lyrics came to her “the day after some crazy stuff had gone down, like, crazy stuff in my life.”

Her breakup power ballad wowed the audience, viewers at home and her new boyfriend and Voice coach Blake Shelton.

The country star gave Stefani a standing ovation for her performance.


He told Entertainment Tonight on Monday that he is “thankful for Gwen for tons of reasons, but mostly just because she makes us all look cool out there.”

He called the performance “so beautiful” and “stunning,” according to PEOPLE. And afterward, he tweeted about it.

The newly public couple spent Thanksgiving apart, but reunited Sunday and on stage as season nine got one step closer to crowning its next winner.

Stefani hit the stage in an angel-like white dress with a feather-like bodice on top of a pedestal with gorgeous flower-adorned fake trees covering the backdrop.


So what’s her secret? Tap into your emotions. At least, that’s what Stefani tells the members of Team Gwen before they perform.

“Her best piece of advice is definitely getting pissed off when you’re about to perform,” said contestant Jeffrey Austin. “She’s like, ‘Get pissed off at the coaches, get pissed off at me, get pissed off at the audience.’ Because they’re thinking that you’re not going to do it, you’re going to go out there and prove them wrong. It kind of gets rid of the nerves. I’ve been using that a lot.”

Another Team Gwen contestant, Koin Bukowski, added that the rocker tells her team to “be comfortable with who you are.”

“Having confidence is everything,” Bukowski said. “It’s something I always worked on my entire life. I remember, first performance, she was like, ‘You got to bring it girl.'”

Bukowski added that her and the rest of the team were so impressed with her performance. “We watched her rehearsal and she was beautiful and amazing.”

“She did incredible. We’re so happy to have her as a coach.”

So what else happened on The Voice?

All of the contestants worked hard to stay out of this week’s bottom two, who can only be saved based on a live tweet. Bukowski, who has been in the bottom two twice, impressed coaches with her cover of Same Old Love by Selena Gomez.

The judges also commended 15-year-old Braiden Sunshine on his performance of Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive. Honestly, I liked his performance last week much better.

Team Adam’s Jordan Smith (a fan favorite) brought his audience in again this week with his stunning performance of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah. Could he be any more perfect?

I personally loved Emily Ann Roberts’ performance of She’s Got You. But what country fan doesn’t love Patsy Cline?

Here is a full list of performances from Monday:

Team Gwen:
Jeffrey Austin: Jealous
Braiden Sunshine: Radioactive
Korin Bukowski: Same Old Love

Team Adam:
Shelby Brown: Go Rest High On That Mountain
Amy Vachal: Bye, Bye, Bye
Jordan Smith: Hallelujah

Team Blake:
Zach Seabaugh: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Barrett Baber: I’d Just Love To Lay You Down
Emily Ann Roberts: She’s Got You

Team Pharrell:
Madi Davis: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Watch all of Monday’s performances here. The results show comes on NBC on Tuesday nights.

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