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Grip Strength and Disease?

A handshake is a universal sign of respect in many different environments. Handshakes go on during the introduction of two new people, when two good friends, usually adults are parting ways from a casual get together, and even during the beginning and ending of job interviews. However, these interactions all have one thing in common. Once that handshake goes through, most usually pass some kind of judgement on someone regarding the strength of their handshake. A stronger handshake usually leads someone to believe that a person is confident, strong, and that they mean business. On the other hand, a limp or weaker handshake may lead someone to believe that a person is the opposite of those listed above, and some men even judge other men on their level of manliness because of their handshake. Putting all of this aside, Doctors are researching and may be adding a whole new set of meanings to the level of someone’s grip strength.

Doctors are now linking the level of someone’s grip strength to much more serious illnesses. According to the results of a study involving one hundred and forty thousand people in seventeen different countries, every five kilogram decrease in grip strength raised a persons probability of death by sixteen percent, the chance of cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular mortality and a nine percent increase in stroke. Doctors are even linking the level of grip strength in a person to the rate at which that person is aging.

I find it interesting that these results were able to come about across such a diverse a large sample of the people, but I think much more research will have to be conducted in order for people to really believe this. I feel as though some people believe that they generally have weak hands and just because they do not have the most ideal grip strength, does not mean that they will be more susceptible to death because of it.

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