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Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

Gravity Rush 2 Coming To North America

At Sony’s Paris Games Week conference a few hours ago, the company confirmed that its first party PlayStation 4 exclusive Gravity Rush 2 is coming to North America. Announced last month at the company’s Tokyo Games Show press conference, the game was only confirmed for a Japanese release, but westerners can rest easy now with the knowledge that it is indeed coming. While the Japanese release is set for 2016, no North American release date was discussed.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog discussing the game, Brian Dunn wrote that “in the sequel to the acclaimed PS Vita original, you’ll have brand new gravity-shifting options and combat mechanics at your disposal. Kat can now use three gravity styles that add more variety and combat options: Normal, Lunar, and Jupiter.”

“In Lunar style, the force of gravity is reduced, making Kat lighter and quicker. In Jupiter style, gravity is increased, slowing down Kat’s movements but making her more powerful. You can switch between Kat’s three gravity styles seamlessly to combine the styles into different combos for each situation.”

Sony also confirmed that the PlayStation 4 remaster of the original PlayStation Vita game, which launches in North America on February 9 and in Europe on February 10, will be a digital only release and cost US $29.99.

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