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Geckos and Salmonella

Exotic animals are awesome. I love going to see them in zoos, or if I am on vacation and I end up seeing some type of them. However, owning one of them is out of the question for me. Although I have to admit, even though it would be pretty awesome to wake up in the morning and have something like that in a cage in my room and to show off to my friends, this story below is part of the reason why I am personally not a fan of keeping them as pets.

In about 16 different states now, people have been sent to hospital for being sick with the salmonella virus. The employees at the hospital were very confused as to how so many people who are totally unrelated and from different states all over America could be sick with the same condition. That is when it hit them. Eleven of the people sent to the hospital reported owning gecko’s, a creature known for its bacteria carrying properties. What makes these reptiles particularly tricky is that they do not show any symptoms of the sickness, and it spreads very easily. It spreads by their owners making contact with them via bare skin and then touching other parts of their body, such as their mouth or nose, followed by the absence of the owner washing their hands. For those who wonder such a situation would come about, a few things need to be considered. Picture a friend inviting other friends over and they ask to see the gecko up close, the owner of the household, knowing that they probably won’t be holding it for long. Its that easy.

Personally, this is why I stay away from exotic animals. You just do not know what they are capable of. Like any other human being, these pt owners probably thought that nothing was wrong, since their pet geckos did not show any sort of symptoms of being sick, and it is rather easy to see when something is wrong with a classic pet, such as a dog or a cat. Another reason why I am not a big fan of exotic animals for pets is because of how expensive it can be to have them taken care of if they are sick. There are plenty of veterinarians out there who specialize in taking care of sick dogs or cats, but how many out there know what to do to help a gecko? Maybe I am wrong here, but I could only imagine how much a vet who knows how to cure a sick exotic pet like this could charge someone because they know what kind of position they are in. Anyway, the way to avoid contracting salmonella from these pets is to wear gloves when handling them at all times, maybe even with long sleeve shirts on if you are one of those people that sneezes into their elbow.You can also not get salmonella if you touch them with your bare hands, but you must not touch any part of your face and go and wash your hands once you are done. Consider these practices the next times you choose to play with or show off your gecko and you should be fine.

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