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‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’

So what’d you miss this week on Game of Thrones? Dead bodies, a terrible wedding, an inconclusive battle, powerful people in cells, a nearly dead dwarf and more unanswered questions. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Episode 6 of season 5 opens in Bravos with all eyes on Arya. Apparently, she has been on corpse-scrubbing duty for a while and is growing bored of her situation. She came to this terrible, dark building in hopes of killing people. Instead, she’s caught up in strange mind games and trying to prove that she wants to be a “no one” (though she’s hardly convinced anyone of that). Toward the end of the episode, Arya lies to a sick girl. This is enough for her to rise to the next level: a room of faces. We’re left to assume that’s what they do with the dead bodies.

Then, we move to Jorah and Tyrian on the road. The two men have an almost heart-to-heart. Tyrian reveals that he killed Tywin. And since Tyrian never quits talking, he also reveals that Jorah’s father was killed by his own men on a mission beyond the wall.

Unfortunately, their little talk is interrupted by a slave ship. This time Tyrian’s mouth does them some good, or maybe his manhood? He makes a bold claim about it that saves his life.

Tyrian doesn’t just talk himself up, though. He tells the men that Jorah is an incredible fighter, and they decide to take him to the fighting pits that Danarys has just reopened in Meeran. Will Tyrian and Daenerys finally meet?

Have you been wondering what Little Finger has been up to? It looks like he is trying to put the big guns against each other. In this episode, he visits Cersei to warn her that Sansa Stark is still alive and that she is marrying Ramsey Bolton. Of course, that’s not his only motive. Now he’s made Cersei mad enough for her to want to see the Boltons defeated at Winterfell.

So Little Finger offers his Knights of the Veil. And if he defeats them, he wants to be named Warden of the North. He also promises to have Sansa’s head on a stick by the end of this battle. In my opinion, he’s a little too into Sansa to kill her. Who knows?

After Littlefinger shares his plans, we are taken back to Jamie and Bronn. They find Cersei’s (and Jaime’s) daughter in Dorn. Instead of finding her in a prison-like state, she’s simply a young girl in love caught grazing in the gardens with her husband-to-be. Jaime enters the garden and asks to speak to her in private. But it looks like the Sand Snakes want to speak to her, or take her, as well. So of course, there’s a fight. It wouldn’t be GOT without one. But this time, no one dies (how boring) and everyone’s arrested.

Speaking of arrested, Sir Loras Tyrell is still being held by the Faith for his crimes against heterosexuality. Long story short, Loras is found guilty of “buggery” and Margaery of perjury. Of course Tomin doesn’t stand up for her. So now there are two Tyrells in a cell.

The episode ends in an extremely awkward, twisted wedding. Reek/Theon gives Sansa away–sort of–and Sansa cautiously takes Ramsey as her husband. Sansa and Ramsey’s wedding did not have near as much action or shock-factor as the Red Wedding, but the devious smile on Ramsey’s face followed by a devastating rape scene made it just as awful. Oh, and Reek/Theon is forced to watch. The episode ends with Reek/Theon crying hysterically. Will he finally lose it?

Next time, we should expect Daenerys and Jon Snow to return. And maybe some questions will be answered. But hey, it’ll only be the seventh episode.

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