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Game of Thrones Finale – Season 5 Episode 10: Mothers Mercy

Game of Thrones is playing with our emotions!

Last week fans got to jump up and down and cheer as we saw Daenerys escape a battle on Drogons back. The finale gave us a bit of a bright spot but it was almost completely overshadowed by the more macabre moments. There were even moments we`ve been waiting for all season. Moments that we thought would make us happy…that somehow, in some way, felt wrong. Before I go on…

If you haven`t seen the season finale yet, this is your warning. Flee, now, and go hence to watch!


To be honest, there’s not really a great starting point when talking about this episode. For some characters it was very…final. For others, the future was left in much more of an ambiguous state.

Let’s start with the one semi-bright moment. Sansa makes her move and tries to escape Winterfell only to be confronted by Myranda (with a bow and arrow) and Reek. She pleads with them to let her go, or just kill her while she still has a piece of herself left. I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t seem like much of a bright moment! But here’s where it got good. Just before Myranda could make her move, Reek grabbed her and threw her over the side of the building! SPLAT! We get a Myranda pancake AND we get Theon back – all in one fell swoop! The two realize Ramsay is returning to Winterfell. So instead of waiting to see what he thinks of their actions – because we all know it wouldn’t be a pleasant reaction – they decide to leave. Theon and Sansa hold hands and jump off the side of the castle, presumably into a drift of snow.

Brienne finally got to satisfy her duty to Renly. She had her sword drawn and pointed right at Stannis. After seeing him burn his daughter alive last week, you’d think this would be a feel good scene. A moment of justice in a strange and cruel world. However it didn’t feel good at all. He was left with nothing. He lost his army, his battle, his daughter, his wife (who hung herself), and then was reminded of the fact that he murdered his brother. By the time Brienne was going execute him, he just seemed like a sad, empty man and her kill wasn’t satisfying in the slightest.

Another person we’ve been waiting for justice to reach is Cersei. I’ve been giggling with delight seeing her in the cell…just waiting for the moment where she would have to drop her pride and beg for mercy. Be careful what you wish for. Cersei confessed her sins and was forced to take a “walk of shame”. Before the walk, she was stripped down, scrubbed down and had her hair cut off. The entire drawn out scene was unwatchable. With certain villains, you really do hope for their demise. Cersei’s son, Joffrey, being a perfect example. When he was killed – fans everywhere jumped from their seats pumping their fists! I thought I wanted the same for Cersei, but there was certainly no fist pumping going on in my living room. She walked naked through Kings Landing and was assaulted and insulted the whole way. She held her head high but only to keep her focus on the Red Keep where her son was. The formalities and ego were stripped from her and my hate for her was stripped along with it. So props to actress Lena Headey for making me feel something for Cersei that I never thought I would…compassion!

As a lover of the Stark family I was overjoyed to see Sansa escape Winterfell. But Game of Thrones writers couldn’t let that glimmer of hope last for too long. After Jon Snow became the Lord Commander his relationship with the other Crows became strained. That strain only worsened by bringing in the Wildlings. Jon knew that without the two groups working together, they would never be able to defeat the White Walkers. What he didn’t see was that this decision made the rest of the Crows turn against him. All of the men that he swore an oath with betray him. In some ritualistic, premeditated plan, obviously lead by Ser Alliser Thorne, they lined up and stabbed Snow…one by one. Each man stabbed and said, “for The Nights Watch”. The final, most devastating blow came from Snows protégé, Olly. Rumors are circulating about Jon potentially surviving in some capacity. However Game of Thrones writers (and Kit Harrington) have confirmed that Snow is, in fact, dead and gone.

The final, prolonged shot of Jon Snow lying dead on the ground is shattering. His eyes are wide open and he’s slowly being eclipsed in a pool of his own blood. What a way to end the season! If we have learned anything from watching the past five seasons, it’s that no character is safe!

The most devastating part of this finale? That we have to wait another year to see more!!

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