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Five things we want at Google I/O 2015

While you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if all of our writers are android users, or just some of us.

Well wonder no longer; baffled readers! for it doesn’t matter who uses what phone, because the things I (and many others) expect/want at Google’s tech expo this year.

Android M

Last year, google made a very unexpected, yet very wanted what was then known as “Android L” months before it would be launched, then formally called it Lollipop. The preview gave developers time to dwell on and prepare for the new feature, design, and little hidden gadgets and such, which were very, very big changes. Hopefully, it’s going to be the same case this year with Android M, which is already shaping up with some expected features:

  • Official fingerprint support: with the number of devices sporting biometric scanners, it is actually Google’s best move to implement this as a standard on Android devices, before things get too out of hand (pardon the pun)
  • Multi-window: Google has been known to not be a big fan of this feature (yet it’s wonderful on the LG-G3 Hopefully, the giant might be willing to finally yield this time, especially with rumors of the iPad having the same feature.

Android Pay

Though google is a little late to the party in the United States, Android Pay deserves separate treatment because it’s going straight into the ring head to head against Apple Pay, and we’re all still waiting for the “more than NFC” part of the system.
One would think that 2 of the biggest mobile giants in the world would think of better names for their E-Wallets…

A new wearable.

This one is interesting at least I think so because of the immense failure of Google Glass up until this point. some may be a bit wary of Google’s next stab at a wearable device, as well as the fact that it’s coming from ATAP, a company with a 2-year mandate to transform concept to product, might inspire some much needed confidence judging from the so far successful yet absent Project Ara modular smartphone.

Android Wear on iOS

If you haven’t already guessed, android’s going to be competing against the over-priced Applewatch. Sources say that it’s almost 100% certain that it’s going to be announced next week, they may have some difficulty getting some compatibility though, because due to Apple having some trouble in the wearable market, they may not want the competition.

Brillo: Android for IoT

After conquering half thr world of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, cars and TVs/set-top boxes, Google is joining the game of everything associated with your life. Called “Brillo” for now, rumors sate that it will be Android-based, if so, it’s probably going to be having a huge slimdown in order to run inside even smaller computers, with their foot inside the IoT market, thanks Nest! it’s really more of a when than if.

What we don’t expect to see

Of course, it would be nice if all of our dreams came true, Google responds to the consumer needs and releases some new tech, smarter smart glass.

Google Glass

After the terribly embarrassing “life” of the google glass idea, I don’t think it’s time to return the spectacles to the public, and continue to work on it’s better gig “Cardboard”, getting some fancy VR while it goes back to the drawing board.

Nexus 6/9 +1

While it would be too early for an announcement anyway, Google hasn’t had a great history with sales of their “Google-blessed” smartphones and tablets. Being a year old, they’ve already been whittled down to the only two devices being sold through the giant, and have yet to reach the post of their predecessors.

Android Marshmallow

And last but not least, how could we forget Googles history of snack-based operating systems, we don’t think we’ll be seeing any sights of the M named operating system, but we do hope that Google is going to be throwing the reigns on naming the new system. I personally think Android Marmalade is a spot-on name

Of course, there’s tons of other Android based hardware (Android for Work, Android Auto, and Android TV to name a few..) and there’s Project Ara, which would be a mistake to not debut. Needless to say, I/O 2015 will be super jam-packed, and I can’t wait.

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