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FBI Arrests Suspected ISIS Supporter


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has accused New York City resident, Munther Omar Saleh, 20, of planning an unspecified ISIS-inspired terrorist attack. Saleh was arrested on June 7th after undercover agents had tried to pull Saleh and a friend over, but Saleh and the unidentified man jumped out of the car and ran towards the agent, and apparently the unidentified man had a knife on him.

Further documentation revealed that Saleh had carried out several online searches about explosive devices including pressure cooker bombs such as the ones that were used in the Boston Marathon bombing. Authorities also believe that he is a threat due to the fact that he is enrolled in an aeronautics program at Queens College where he would have learned enough about electrical circuitry to construct a pressure cooker bomb or any other type of explosive device should he decide to.

Additionally, the documents allege that Saleh is supportive of ISIS on social media through numerous posts about Al Qaeda, Charlie Hebdo, and other murders and beheadings committed by ISIS in recent months.

So far, Saleh has been charged with conspiring to provide material support and resources to ISIS.

As someone looking in on the situation, I hope that there is a lot more evidence against this man than what is being released to the public. Since 2002, too many people have been arrested and had their lives destroyed on the flimsiest pieces of evidence, and although some of this sounds as if there could be a lot more to it, I cannot help but feel that this may have been something that was released too early. I do not condone ISIS, but with the information that was released, I do worry that authorities may have jumped the gun a little bit, and I worry at how much they could continue to do so. However, only time will tell. After all, it is one thing to be a supporter of a group, it is quite another to involve oneself in their activities.

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