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FBI agents recover items in San Bernardino lake

FBI agents have recovered several items from a lake in San Bernardino, an area where investigators have been searching for any hints or insights into last week’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

The FBI did not announce what they found or if the items were related to the ongoing terror investigation. Authorities say that Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook might have gone to Seccombe Lake Park, which is only two and a half miles from where the shooting occurred–after the massacre on Dec. 2 and before the police shootout left them dead, ABC News reports.

Investigators think that the couple may have gone to the lake to dump some sort of evidence after the horrific shooting.

This search came just after the FBI learned that the couple spent time at that lake, according to a senior official educated on the investigation. Dive teams on the scene were searching for items the couple may have left there, the senior official said.

The FBI would not give any details about what they found, nor would they talk about specific evidence. Officials did say Thursday that investigators were in search of “anything that had to do” with the massacre.

One thing federal investigators are definitely looking for is Farook’s hard drive. According to a senior law enforcement official, finding the hard drive is the key focus of the investigation.

It was also announced Friday that the San Bernardino Division of Environmental Health Services will open Monday for the first time since the shooting at the Inland Regional Center.

The division’s employees will remain on leave and temporary staff members will take over their duties, according to the department. They added that the tragedy “deeply affected the other employees,” ABC reports.

From ABC:

“Farook and Malik stormed the Inland Regional Center during a Department of Public Health training session and holiday party last week. Nearly all of those who were killed or injured worked for the county.”

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