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“My Father Would Have Liked You”

The Dance of Dragons

It is always tough to follow the best performance, and so I was interested to see what this week’s episode of Game of Thrones was going to grill up (yes, pun intended), after dropping the whole “Army of the Dead” bomb last week.

The high level of emotional intensity in the episode was unmistakable. There were a surprising number of moments in all of the story lines where it seemed as though time stood still. The writers took a moment to really emphasise the enormity of all the action in the episode, essential in such a multifaceted show and story.

(Side note: I appreciated the length of the battle scenes, long drawn out fighting can easily take away from the episode)

If you are like me, the anticipation of watching anything more intense than a rerun of Friends makes me continuously bounce in my seat. So watching anything with me guarantees you at least three arm flails, several whimpering sounds, and maybe even an ants-in-your-pants type of impromptu interpretive dance performance.

With as many climatic moments as this episode had in store, I definitely got my workout in.  I’ve attempted to make light of a few of these moments with some immediate thoughts that came to mind while watching.

  1. #thatawkwardmomentwhen

Jon Snow shows up at the wall with all of the surviving Free Folk aaaaand *awkward silence*

2. Can we talk about Dany and Jorah’s almost-sexual tension?

Followed by what I thought to be Jorah’s final act of if-I-can’t-have-her-no-one-will, but actually saved her life. This was a double whammy, followed by the realisation of baaaasically the entire crowd revealing their gold masks.

3. Stannis sacrificing his daughter?

I tolerated Stannis, heck maybe I was even warming up to him at one point this season. But, now? NUH UH. What was with all of this “my family stays with me” fatherly protection?

The only rationalisation I could make of this was it might have been a less painful way to starve and freeze to death? By fire?

4. The conditional offer of Bronn’s release (LOL)

Still waiting for the purpose of those almost-naked sisters that keep hitting each other?

5. The moment that Aria is maybe-almost going to be defiled by some pervert.

Speaking of Aria, the youngest girl of House Stark has been off in her own little world- quite literally. But on this trip, we recognise a familiar face. Tyrell? But I thought that this was a world of the faceless and nameless?

Finally, I felt Dany’s exit a little off-putting. “Oh I’m just going to fly off on my dragon, see you guys later! Have fun with the masked freaks!”

“My father would have liked you”

The line of the episode is presented to Tyrion of House Lanaster, to the soon to be shish kabob, and the Queens momentary fiancé, Hizdahr zo Loraq. You sir, will not be missed.


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