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Facebook Messenger incorporates location sharing

Great news for those of who you who always seem to be on-the-go, and are tired of telling people where they are, Facebook has now introduced a simpler methods of sharing your location in Messenger. Compared to the previous technique of simply sharine information about your location, Users can now send a map of their whereabouts via message, a feature which is very similar to the way users share their locations in Google Hangouts,

According to Facebook, all you’re going to need to do is simply tap the More icon or the location pin at the bottom of your messenger screen, if you want to for example; tell a friend which restaurant to meet you at. You can search for the restaurant (or whatever it is) and send a map of where it is located for late comers, users can also send a map of where they are to their friends, and let them know as to how far away they are. Locations can only be shared via messaging, and Facebook says that no new permissions are needed to activate the new sharing option. I for one think that’s pretty useful, if I have a group of people in a chat looking as to where to go, and I’m tired of telling them every 10 minutes or so, because as you might think, I’m a very busy person and have no time to write 3 words, but press one well hidden button instead!

This news is coming shortly after Facebook decided to pull down Marauder’s Map, a Chrome extension that showed a user’s Facebook friends’ exact whereabouts. Aran Khanna, a Facebook intern, had created the tool, and for some time, users who downloaded the Chrome extension gained access to a map that pinpointed the location of their friends (who were using Facebook Messenger) on a map that popped up in Facebook with unsettling precision. While Marauder’s Map accessed Messenger Data, the way it precisely surfaced all the information raised serious questions about the user’s privacy. Which is a big step to take, considering the amount of sensitive information people put into that website, or on the internet alone, as all we neglecting application permissions regarding which app can access what, and how.

According to a report by Mashable, as Messenger evolves and adds in more features, all in attempt to raise user base and engagement, it’s more than likely we’ll see the app use location in other ways. Users might one day be able to share their location and transition to maybe even Uber and Lyft, to get a ride that already knows their destination.

Super interesting concepts coming from Facebook, and I’d be excited to see wearables and applications like this playing nice, (something like a newer version of google glass, sporting HUD maps, so that you’re never getting lost?) or smart watches that can help you find the directions you’re going, while your friends constantly nag while you head to them.

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