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Experts Predict Cyber Crime Attacks on Apple Devices may Increase in 2016

Research firm Symantec published a report on their discoveries and predictions about security issues on Apple computer devices. Apple operating systems have seen a rise in malware infections in 2015. Researchers at Symantec believe the cyber crime and malware infections will increase in 2016. The report can be found at this link:

BBC news reported the following details about Symantec’s findings:

“Apple is an obvious target for cybercriminals because its products are so popular, said Dick O’Brien, a researcher at Symantec.

While the total number of threats targeting Apple devices remains low compared with Windows and Android, Symantec is seeing the range of threats multiply.

Last year, it was seeing a monthly average of between 10,000 and 70,000 Mac computers infected with malware.

‘This is far fewer than Windows desktops and we don’t want to scaremonger. Apple remains a relatively safe platform but Apple users can no longer be complacent about security, as the number of infections and new threats rise,’ said Mr O’Brien.

The number of unique OS X computers infected with malware in the first nine months of 2015 was seven times higher than in all of 2014, its research found.

A significant amount of this spike is accounted for by so-called greyware – applications that may not have malware attached but can still be annoying to users, by serving up unwanted ads or tracking their web-browsing habits.”

The Symantec report gives an example of one of the App store attacks from 2015.  Perhaps we will see more like these in 2016:

“…in September 2015… it was discovered that a large number of Trojanized iOS apps were being hosted on the service. The apps were developed using a malicious version of Xcode, Apple’s software developer environment for iOS and Mac OS X apps.

…developers in China experienced difficulties downloading it directly from Apple. As a result, some of the developers resorted to downloading unofficial copies hosted on local
sites. Unbeknownst to the developers using it, attackers modified one such Xcode package to insert malicious
code in any app that was created using the affected copy.”
No operating system is 100% secure, and to add to the problem, these phones and tablets can be hacked and infected by a cyber criminals intercepting the wireless signals.  Ethernet cable is more secure than wireless, but Ethernet ports are not available in most phones and tablets.
If you have been effected by the Xcode virus or if you are concerned about it, take a look at this YouTube video on how to fix the issue.

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