Monday , May 25 2020
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Error in Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has found itself a way to help certain patients with some illnesses that they have, and that sounds great for many people out there. All they need to do is get their symptoms identified and then the doctor prescribes them some marijuana right? Well, maybe not so simple.

By analyzing edible products in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, it turns out that only seventeen percent of these products actually had the correct amount of THC in them as shown on the label. Sixty percent of the products reported having less THC, while the remaining twenty three percent had more.

My opinion on the matter is kind of torn. It is hazardous that they are mislabeling the amount of THC in marijuana products, but there have never really been any reported stories of marijuana itself killing people, so the worst that probably happens is that someone experiences too little or too much of the side effects and those side effects may make them do something dangerous. Hopefully this mislabeling stops before someone actually does something to hurt themselves.

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