Sunday , May 31 2020
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Egyptian Forces Threatened By Islamic State Affiliates in Sinai

So far, no fatalities have been reported after a shootout between an Egyptian navy vessel and militants from the shore off of the coast of Sinai on Thursday, says military spokesman, Brigadier General Mohammed Samir.

Although some crew members were injured from when the vessel caught fire, no one is reported to be dead.

The vessel that was attacked is routinely patrolling Egyptian waters and has been used in the past to transport army and police personnel to mainland Egypt in an effort to avoid the overland journey through Sinai where they would risk being targets of Islamic militants who are currently fighting against the government.

On Wednesday alone, the Egyptian military was able to stop an attempted attack on a military post on a highway that links Cairo with the Red Sea coast. Luckily, the driver of the vehicle that contained 500 kilograms of dynamite was killed before he could detonate the vehicle.

Egyptian forces have been facing threats from the Islamic State affiliate in Sinai for quite a long time and it looks as if they will continue to face these threats as the Islamic State shows no sign in backing down in their attacks which have been significantly worse over the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan.

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