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Drinking Coffee Correlates to Lower Mortality Rates

It’s official coffee drinkers, it’s time to rejoice with confetti and a nice pot of joe, because why not? It’s good for you. There has been a long standing debate about whether coffee drinkers are helping or hurting themselves with regular coffee consumption. It turns out there’s some apparent real and very significant advantages to drinking coffee everyday.

The Harvard School of Public Health did a large study, examining over 50,000 men and over 200,000 women. General death rates were seen to have decreased in non-smokers that drink coffee regularly by a minimum of 6%. Those who consume between one and three cups of coffee decrease their risk of dying by 6%-8%. Those that drink between 3 and 5 cups a days were at a decrease rate of from between 12%-15% of dying.

In addition to an overall decrease in risk of death, there are a few ways in which drinking coffee can more specifically benefit one’s health.

The researchers found that regardless of caffeinated or decaffeinated, drinking at least one cup of espresso a day can decrease the risk of suicide. The cause for this is unknown as of late, but those who consumed the minimum of one cup a day had decreased risk for suicide by at least 20%.

There are also cardiac and neurological benefits. Coffee drinkers are at a lesser risk of death by coronary heart illness by about 10%. The effects for neurological illness is more variant. For death associated with dementia and Parkinson’s, risk is decreased by between 9% and 37%.

These new findings may change some people’s minds about how they choose to fuel their day. This study can be added to the array of available information leading people towards making more informed and conscious lifestyle decisions. Many of the different guidelines and information about what to consume and not consume, in addition to others’ lifestyle choices can often be lost by information overload. Luckily, for those hooked on their daily cup, there’s one less thing to worry about.

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